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Lynn Chamoun, the Founder and the Creative Director of LYNSH, is a graduate of the Florence Design Academy, Italy. Her degree in industrial and product design has allowed her to infiltrate in different parts of the design industry from home accessories buyer at a leading luxury store, Aishti, in Lebanon, to working with a Lebanese product designer.

HER passion for fine jewelry manifested itself in the city of San Francisco, where the designer’s first jewelry took its geometric shape and organic form.

LYNSH’s unique concept is developed on the realm where a finite number of pieces can give an infinite combinations, thus creating a never-ending play ethos. Her use of natural baroque pearls paired with asymmetrical lines gives her jewelry an added movement and flow to an otherwise rigid modern scheme.


Lynsh design’s mission is to collaborate, on a couple of pieces in each collection, with diverse artists from different disciplines, to create jewels that are scarce & thrilling.The first one was with Shereen Doummar, a London based architect. The collaboration culminated in the creation of Aida earring and Fratcal rings.